pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

I seem to tend to pieces of myself instead of the whole

I commit to trying to change that.

I'll eat all the healthy foods!!! And sit on my ass.

I'll do all the exercises!!! And eat the cookies.

I'll do all the spiritual stuff!!! And leave my art to sit.

I'll read all the books!!! And the pen and paper (or pixels and keys) are idle.

I waste a shitton of time. I really do. I think I need a timer until I get into a good habit of doing the things I love interspersed with the things that will make me well. I'm irritating me with my procrastination. I am all for lazy here and there, but I feel like a slug in general and pulling up out of this rut has been much more difficult than in times past. *grump*

So I'm putting this out there as a public commitment and maybe that will be my push. xxxxfingersxxxx

My New Year is just a couple of weeks away and funny - this looks like resolution list. 

So be it.

Today I dusted upstairs and vacuumed upstairs and downstairs. I ran to the grocery for rice for dinner. I made turkey and wild rice casserole which is ready to bake for later. I made a chocolate chip pan cookie. All the dishes are washed that do not have food in them. It is only 3:30 p.m. my time so I have proven to myself that I do indeed have time for many more things in a day than I usually do. Look, I even wrote a blog post! Now, to get back up off my ass and stretch and work on my art. :p

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