pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project, Part II

I was thinking this morning how grateful I am to have a son willing to broaden his horizons in the movie genre. At age 14 this is big thing in my book. He likes all the usual shoot-em-up or horror or sc-fi of others his age, but if presented with something completely outside of his box, he grumbles, but watches giving it a chamce. In the end if he likes it he says it and if he likes it a lot, he says it a lot, without embarassment. Afew months ago I was taping "Oliver!" for my mum. It was a movie I was taken to see as a child and as soon as I heard "musical" I groaned, but I ended up loving it. I still mostly hate musicals, but not that one. My son grumbled, made fun, then got sucked in. He loved it. Heh. Last night I was watching "Shall we dance?". (For hating musicals I LOVE dancing movies. I could watch people dance forever.) My son did the same - grumble-remarks-sucked in. He loved that one, too. Double heh. It is good. :-)
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