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I was going to title this "The Shadow Work Begins" But this year the Shadows have come early

Be Silent. To be silent. Ssshhhhh ..... I had written in a previous blog post (the sticky feet one) about this year's shadow Work in the dark part of the year. This is what I wrote: "As the Wheel begins to turn to the dark part of the year I have tasked myself with 1) listening as a gift to myself as well as those around me, 2) no longer walking on eggshells, and 3) informalizing (more made up verbs!) my word choice to change my tone from seemingly haughty uninvested observer to engaged human."


For me Silence is many things. One is to be quiet. Another is to not use the spoken word as merely "speech", but to use song or sound in place of spoken language. Also to use movement in place of words. To use my breath instead. To be stingy with my words allowing only those most neccessary and useful to escape. To still the competing voices in my head to hear my inner Self. To still the rush of tongue to allow others to use their words enriching the both of us.

To follow the Shadows I've identified this year I will engage in a dance between quiet, thoughtful speech, sacred sound, and sacred movement.


When I do speak I will be thinking of this graphic:


Don't be an arrogant jerk. Exactly.

I will however still be minus my social filters as I see little chance of acquiring them this late in the game.

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