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Gratitude Project - Day 43 and Day 44

 Yesterday we went back to the 4WD drive beach at night. The light pollution is so minimal it only comes from the stars. *ha* The white froth of the curling waves looked lit from within they were so bright. As far out as your eye could manage seeing this was so. I was mesmerized by it and thought, "No wonder folks have been known to walk into the sea and die in its glory." (I felt no compunction such as that, but I understood it last night.) The white light ripples looked as if they'd been choreographed to a music only the Gods could hear. Pure beauty and grace. Above the sea it seemed every star that ever did and will exist uncovered itself for us to see. A shooting one streaked by for OlderBoy to wish upon.

Today I am grateful for waking to a silent house with sun and surf beating my eyes and ears, fresh coffee, and a fairly well written novel set in the Outer Banks. It is so much fun to read descriptions of the places and dunes we have visited this week.


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