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50 Book Challenge 2005

#14 This one counts and doesn't, but since I'm so far behind I'm counting it. :P~

"Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, A materia magica of African-American Conjure" by Catherine Yronwode

It is a reference book so I didn't read every entry. I read "a bunch of them", but not all. I read completely the text prior to the reference material, but that is short indeed. If I take the correspondence course in January this is the reference book. It is interesting. An awful lot of the herb roots and properties mirror other things I've read. The most intriguing part is the inclusion of jinxing, hexing, etc. uses. Most of them I'll likely not have use for, but the knowledge is important. It has uses for items not found in other books such as black cat hair, socks, and such. It has a rhytym to the spells that can be seen throughout and that makes it easier to follow and comprehend than some other texts. The reference section is by common name with scientific names also and cautions about what an unscrupulous seller may try to substitute. Lists at the back group curio items by use. Lost of Lucky Mojo Shop advertising at the back. It kinda bugs me and kinda not.

A friend has printed off a bunch of pages from the lucky mojo website to read and learn and I think that is an excellent idea and I will be doing the same. Those pages have recipes that the book does not (van-van oil, money drawing oil, and like that), but the book refers to the various dressing oils. So, you can make your own by following the recipes on line or buy them premade from lucky mojo.

So, most of this review is not about the text of this book - lol - but I'm glad to have it is as a reference. I like the way it makes me think so that my herbal and stone workings will be more complete because of better understanding of properties. I'll likely end up incorporating my hoodoo learnings into my already present style and be one of those "no name fits" eclectic people - oh, as I am now! But with deeper knowledge.
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