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Gratitude Project - Day 1 - Happy Lammas!

 Once again I nod to estaratshirai  who started the Gratitude Project. I joined this myself in 2004 on Livejournal. The Gratitude Project runs from Lammas to Mabon. It entails you being mindful of whatever brings you Joy and you journal "the something" you are grateful for each day between those Sabbats. No repeats - you can be grateful for your spouse/kids/job/friends, but the reason for the gratitude needs to be different for each entry. It can BIG or not, your journal/blog entry can be long or short. It can be on paper or in pixels and public or private.

A daily focused devotional work that runs from first to second harvest is a lovely and useful thing for me. What better to carry into the dark half of the year than an armload of gratitude? ;-)

Today's - I am barely upright as the bug that I carried with me from camp continues to kick my ass. It is morphing its symptoms and bringing new fevers with each one as it has its way with me. I've been in bed most of the time since early Sunday afternoon. None of this is looking like gratitude ... But the Man is off work this week and though me being sick has scuttled his plans to another time he has tenderly cared for me. From multiple trips to the store for things I think might help me heal or bring comfort, to running for Chinese food, to scrubbing the tub so I could soak in a therapeutic bath, to bringing liquids, meds, and giving gentle massages. Thank you, thank you, thank you, love. I am grateful.


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