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Covered in Light, September 21st, 2012, cover in solidarity

 (This is being shared around the web from Patheos Portal to Facebook. This is me boosting the signal and committing to covering on 09-21-12.)

Covered by Choice, Covered in Light
Due to some very horrid experiences of two of our Sisters, we are planning the first annual Covered in Light International Day for raising awareness about women being discriminated against while veiled and supporting her right to veil if she chooses.

On this day, we are asking women to wear a covering of their choice to stand in solidarity and if they feel so inclined, to organize a parade/march in their local area to spread the word.

A Facebook page with all of the details will be coming soon is here. The Date is Friday Sept 21, 2012.

As part of the promotion, we are asking women to recreate in a photograph a famous painting of a covered woman to be shared on the events Facebook page to show the timeless beauty of veiled women.

Please start spreading the word!

The website.

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