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From couch potato to 5 mile hiker in 3 hours

 Here is my *brag*.

I went on a 5 mile hike in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. <----- That's the whole brag. The trail was listed at the trailhead as moderately difficult, but I was with my cousin who has hiked quite difficult trails and she said it really was a moderate hike w/o the difficult unless you count the rocky nature of it and the one incline. So I'll go with just moderate and still ~~puffs out chest~~

I've never hiked. There were uphills and downhills, roots and rocks, and at the end a glorious waterfall! It was 5 miles and we did it in a hair under 3 hours. *grin* It was 90 degrees and it was a blast. So beautiful was the trail. We hiked Abram's trail which parallels Abram's Creek most of the way ending at Abram's Falls. The falls are only 20 feet high, but the volume of the water over them is greater than anywhere else in the park. People drown and get injured there frequently enough to put it on the 10 most dangerous trails list by Backpacker's magazine. The danger is from the water, the undertow, and the idiots who jump off of the falls. 

I'm not sure what elevation the trail starts at, but the peak is ~1800 feet and the falls are at ~300 feet below the trailhead. Lots of leg muscle work. So pretty, though. So so so pretty. Pictures are behind the cut, but you really cannot tell how high we were at times so you'll just have to take my word for it. ;-)

You can barely see the creek through the trees.

The trail:

Me and my cuz, about 2 miles in:

The Falls:

Random trail/creek:

 And because it is me, the next day I visited a graveyard:

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