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Oh what a day it was! (Not even proofreading, sorry about that.)

So BagelDog injured her ... knee maybe? This morning when out and when I brought her in she was holding her leg so high I thought she'd find a way to fold it into her skin. Long story short on the leg - it is fine, she did some weird Yorkie kneecap thing that she righted by trying to *kill* the office depot delivery guy when he dropped off the printer ink.

I had already scheduled a trip to vet for after work today. I kept the appointment "just in case". Good thing. My butt had barely hit the chair in the waiting room when she decided to emulate Pandora's dog Gryffyn and went into a full tilt seizure. Legs flailing, foaming at the mouth and they whisked her to an exam room, prepared oxygen, waited it out for 2 minutes and somewhere in there gave her valium. (Nope, they didn't offer me any.)

So, blood work was mostly fine, nothing to indicate a reason for a seizure. "Could she have ingested something?", I was asked. Hell yes. I've caught her devouring dried stinkbug carcasses (they are crunchy!), mulch, paper, poo - Yorkie = nature's garbage can. Anything that passes near her mouth is fair game. 

She was still high on valium when we left the vet's and tried to chew through the car seat restraint on the way home. (Which is so funny because I turned to my co-worker this morning one hour in and remarked, "Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints.") It turned not funny when *I don't know how* she got the clasp of the restraint seemingly embedded in the space between her ankle bone and tendon. She was twisted in the seat leg up. She was yelping and screaming in pain and I was driving.

I pulled into a school parking lot to try to free her. She snapped at my hand as I reached for her foot. Then she remembered who I was and just collapsed in sorrow for the 3 minutes it took me to release the clasp which was jammed closed for the first  2 1/2 minutes. There was no putting her back in the seat. I drove with her on my lap head tilted up with the looming question of "Why??" in her sad brown eyes. Throughout the evening every time I spoke about her she to the hubster and to the daughter she knew without me even saying her name and turned her head to me eyes filled with more knowing than any animal should possess. It was unnerving.

The vet put a bubble of fluid under her skin between her shoulder blades because she was hot and a bit low on fluids. She's been sleeping since we got home with small breaks for longing looks at me and of course food.

Seizure plan - keep a journal. If she has more than a couple/month then consider some sort of medication. This practice is *very* hesitant to prescribe seizure meds unless they're pretty frequent or clustered because the meds are not benign and side effects many. So. That's that for now.

It has been quite the long feeling kind of day with the dog stuff, the phone never stopping at work, rearranging my schedule for the week after next in a less than comfortable way and the Daughter's birthday is today with YoungerBoy's tomorrow. The double birthday celebration is Monday. *insert stupid car stuff* and I think my day was complete. o.O

Onward we go! 

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