pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Quick update

  • Life is busy.
  • If it seems I'm blogging less, I am. It isn't that more entries are locked down, but that words cannot do justice to the changes swirling about. If we were sitting across the table from each other (assuming you've been in person with me prior) you'd be able to "see" it. I want to write about it, but the vocabulary just is not there at the moment.*
  • The Daughter is engaged to long time boyfriend (almost 10 years!). This happened last night. GrandBoy took it as expected. Half-n-half. He'll be fine. The rest of us are happy for them!
  • For now I'm merely riding the currents of change, closing my eyes and trusting the destination is the correct one. I don't need to know what, I only need to know it is there waiting with open arms. Raising children taught me how to just lean back and let go after teasing me with the notion that I controlled stuff. Some stuff, anyway.
  • My Path has taught me that All Will Be Well.
  • As you can see I've not lost my optimism.
  • I'm still an introvert with an extrovert's facade and the introvert has been winning, thus the lack of writing.
  • *BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE* The packet for WitchCamp arrived today!! Week long intensive HERE I COME! (Well, in July, there I go. Ha!)

~May you all be Wrapped in Love~

*as I find a vocabulary I will share.

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