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Mind/Body/Soul connection

Anyone who thinks it doesn't exist needs to live a few moths inside of me. :p

Anyway - what with the massive about of volatile situations in the past few weeks the stress of it all (both good and bad stress) I fell off preventative things. Bad me. Once I had quit smoking years ago (and I say years because even in the years on-the-way-to-none I was smoking so little my body thought I was not, only my addicted brain knew I was) I started being prone to canker sores. Bastard little things. But they seemed to cycle with hormones and various other abuses. About 18 months ago they decided they wanted to be a more prominent part of my life and I sought out home remedies on the internet and in the process found some preventative ones. I implemented 2 preventative and had 2 home remedies for the random ones that cropped up. As The Things piled on recently I slacked on the preventative and I stopped other helpful things like my daily multi-vitamin, my morning routine, etc. The times one needs to rely on the good habits the most are the times I fail. It is rare I feel overwhelmed by it all, but the times that I do, I fold.

When they appeared for this round after having been near absent for 2 years I remembered the one remedy, but not the other for 4 days. Sadly that was too late to help. They started last mid-week ad hit a crescendo of epic proportions over the weekend. The hubster cooked what I asked for on Mother's day and then I couldn't eat it. Lovely, yes? Everyone else could eat it, though, and all were happy.

I will keep the details (you're welcome), but they got worse, then a hair better Monday morning. Worse again by Monday night, but after an 11 hour workday that involves a lot of talking this did not surprise me. Tuesday morning was even a bit better than Monday morning had been, but still a lot of pain. I longed to eat something other than bread and not have to drink through a straw. Off I went to the local drug store and scanned their selection of canker sore items. I selected Zilactin-B because it creates a seal with allows healing and takes away the pain of eating. Yay!

I coated my lips (I had the inner upper and lower lips, left side, because every bloody thing that breaks on me is the left side) and went outside to plant the lilac bush from the kids. i was amazed how the product numbed my lips so thoroughly they felt swollen like when the dentist uses novacaine. Oh, you know what is coming now don't you? Sealing the lip was Not a good idea. Horrible in fact. Four times normal size I kid you not. I even have a photo to prove it, but I am never posting that.

When the manufacturer of the product says "seals", believe it. When they say "do not try to peel it off because it will damage tissue", believe that, too. When they say "add another coat to soften it and gently wipe with damp gauze to remove", do not believe that because it is a lie. I feel certain the stuff is awesome for a single normal hasn't been there a week canker sore, but am I ever gonna try it again? We'll see. People online swear by it. Except one person. *cough*

It was a long debate in my head about seeing a doctor because the last time I did (10 years ago) I was given an anti-viral that did nothing. And told to take it at the first sign to shorten and prevent more. It did not do that, either. But .... ssssoooooo painful, so swollen, I took myself off to urgent care. Guess what?? They have a medicine out now for canker sores! And a nifty mouthwash that was exactly like the one home remedy of mine, but stronger and with the added bonus of lidocaine! And the best part - steroids. Gods bless the steroids! Not only do I get the swelling to go down, but I get the added bonus of my neck, back, hip and knee being pain free! *happy dance*

This is only the second time I've had steroids, but I remember the long lasting effect on especially my neck. It is a shame the things are not good long term because one week of them every month and I'd be pain free for most of my life. Ah well, I shall enjoy this reprieve while it lasts. Today the lips are about normal. I still have enough soreness that I cannot eat normally, but enough improvement that I again have hope.

I hope to not fold in my good habits ever again. This was the worst I'd had and I knew I wasn't just being a whiney baby about it when the doctor took a quick peek and said, "Wow, that must be really painful." They don't know what exactly causes them, but in those prone to them stress is a big trigger. That part I knew. And bless her for having scripts she could write to help! And hey, at least I didn't start smoking again because I know from experience that clears them up faster than anything. :p

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