pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Corporate Idiocy becomes User Idiocy - Comcast follow-up, Poor Bill

 No longer feeling it, the "poor Bill" thing. I get that some stranger left a VM on his cell phone alerting him to his email address being shared with someone he doesn't know. I even get being a bit spooked by that. I also understand the desire to change one's phone number because of it. However, I do not understand all of the proceeding and not changing one's email address, too. You know, just in case the crazy lady who left you a VM was telling the truth. *adds another gold star to page four of the chart denoting how many humans think I'm certifiable*

Guess who got a new phone number? Guess who did not get a new email address? Guess what-other-who is refraining from calling 'poor' Bill and informing him of his obvious error in tones laced with sarcasm?

It's a good thing I have the drop of kindness in me that I do. Bill is quite lucky Comcast didn't hook him behind the scenes with a nasty soul. Funnily, Bill has no idea how very lucky he is in that regard. 

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