pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Corporate Idiocy - Comcast style - Follow up

 I called Bill. Bill is smart. Bill keeps his phone turned off so weirdos from Pittsburgh don't call and say they've access to his private emails. :p

I left a voicemail for him. I hope it was reasonably coherent, but with the sorta-here-and-not-here brain I've been having I have no idea if coherent is even on the table. Since I tend to tangent (look - tangent as a verb! All the teachers are now shuddering) I tried to be brief, but complete. And I did say he could call me back since I figure the number comes up as a missed call. Hhhmmm .... maybe it does not come up as a missed call if your phone is off? If not, then again - poor Bill. He'll feel stalked. Plus he sounded elderly so .... I hope to have not done harm. Had I been able to speak with him I feel certain I could have reassured him with my voice.

Ah well. Let us hope this was my first good deed of the day and not my first bad one.

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