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Corporate Idiocy - Comcast style

 Due to a bit of Comcast policy idiocy back when my mum died they would not let me switch the "official" name on the internet account even though I'd been paying it in my own name for, um, years. Yep. Weird. So when we moved here I was forced to pick an email address for my dead mum. The service rep said, "How about [....]?" Her first initial and my maiden name. Fine, whatever.
I still got to keep my pj-a@comcast dot net. But of course I now had to maintain another one, the Official Account Holder one. La! Apparently Comcast has no check to make sure the email addy is not a duplicate because for years now I've been getting someone else's email. Let's call him Bill. We'll call him this because THAT'S HIS NAME. Which could be a middle name because on occasion he is Henry - which is historically a popular first name on my father's side of the family. 
I've received baby birth announcements, newborn photos, party invites, dinner date reminders, and paperless cell phone bills. Along with the assorted junk mail that Bill subscribes to. My guess is this guy just thinks Comcast *sucks* since he misses so much email or he and I both get the same things. I generally keep that email offline. Every couple of months I bring it online to let it download so it's not piling up on the server. Today's onslaught had messages from February. "Are we meeting at 5 for dinner?" quizzed Dave. Linda wants to know if Bill and Janet (a frequently cc'ed person wo sent baby pictures) have anything to add to Zac's resume. Today though - today I get an email notification from Verizon Wireless (why not? I used to get his bills. No, I didn't pay them.) telling my the transaction receipt in online for my recent purchase for cell phone number ###-###-####. Really.

Raise your hand if you think I should call him. I Googled the number. I know which of 3 counties in Maryland he lives in. And with a last name like my maiden name how many could there be in those 3 counties through a white page look up? *goes off to check* Exactly ONE. The associated people listed for him - Henry and Janet. Hahahahaha!

Poor BIll. He's no idea. At least I'm kind-hearted and not mucking up his life. Which really is a feat what with some of the racist Republican anti-Obama crap they've sent 'round to their family ties which had me this >< close to flaming the lot of them.

The internet mixed with business - your information is as safe as the corporate dumbasses handling it.

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