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*stretch and yawn*

 Life is full yet peaceful. It's still rough for OlderBoy and GeckoGirl, but that takes time. Add in the BS of the first outpatient place and their exceedingly poor handling of the situation and it is understandable she has backslid a bit. Understandable and still sad. The Daughter is still amid the best months in years, PizzaMan is doing well and Grandboy has made good strides in remaining sane and appropriate. Oddly, YoungerBoy and PetalPrincess remain the most even keel of the young couples. Go figure.

Four weeks to initiation, amidst color weeks weeks again and the results are far more inner than outer as it was last time around. First set of Reclaiming classes were full of lessons for the teachers (laugh) and learning each other's styles and preferences and it was good. And the sculpey project was so much fun, though I still must paint it. I've finished the bee book, just about done with _Truth or Dare_, I finished the _Gender and Transgender in Modern Paganism_ anthology and I get to beta a near final edit of a friend's first novel before it gets shopped out to publishers. The literary world is awesome to me. 

Working _The Twelve Wild Swans_ this calendar year in coven, running one section each between Sabbats while concentrating on the inner path work. On a personal level recently I'm drawing from an experience of about a year to 18 months ago. I was blessed to be in the presence of a person who simply by being himself allowed a me I rarely get to be ~ guard down, filters absent, serene and safe. I'm drawing up the memories of that to keep myself open and connecting. It is hard for me to hold myself open consistently, but it is necessary and important to the Work I wish to do. When I pull that feeling up I can feel my core settle in a rhythm that feeds me.

Still fitting various forms of creativity into my life. It is worth making time for and so many things pull at my many sides, but .... things have been created! W00t! BagelDog is pleased to get walks and I'm getting my legs back. Stretching is being accomplished, teas are being had, (mostly) heathy food choices are being made. My body has been insisting on a lot more sleep recently which annoys me, but oh well, I expect it will settle out in time.

Still excited about Witchcamp!

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