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Probably TMI, but TDB it's my blog :p

Weird interesting things of having scoliosis. Looking at me it's not too noticeable if you're not looking for it. Plus it's a bit more pronounced at the moment as I've been super-slacker on my stretching. (Yes, I can hear you sigh. I see hear you over there.) Plus the newly acquired walking habit tightens up muscles that I'd previously promised never to use again. (Ok, I never really made that promise, but they assumed it due to lack of use. *cough*) So a n y w a y ... went for the mammogram. *squish squish turn turn squish* "Don't be alarmed if we call you back for a sonogram. Tissue this, can't tell that." Me: "Hokay!" *skips out the door so proud for doing my screening (10 years late, but hey)*

Get the call back. No biggie, I am fine. (Ok, so for a few minutes while waiting for the second results I had an "oomph" moment because of what they saw, but even with that I was "whatever, if I have cancer I'll deal with it" and was pleased to not have to deal with it.) The call back was not for a sonogram, but what I've dubbed the "super-squish". They can call it whatthehellever they want, but trust me - super-squish is the better term. The machine is flipped 90º, one side and then the other. When she flipped it and had to raise the machine instead of merely flip it she got a quizzical look on her face. I said, "Oh. That's the scoliosis. One hip is higher than the other," and she nodded, understanding that sets everything off side-to-side all the way up. That incident gave me pause, though. The mirrors I've been avoiding got a good long look in. Lots of things go "off" when I let my back go too far out of whack. The swayback becomes more pronounced which pushes the belly. One would think vanity alone would keep me more mindful. *laugh*

I was discussing it with a fellow scolios-er<---- is TOO a word - and we laughed, but still grumped about it. So I asked her the purse-on-the-shoulder question. Yup, that's the same with her, too. I thought I was just - I dunno, weird, incapable of doing something on both sides - something. I never thought to inquire before, so odd to ask, but reassuring to hear, "Yeah. Me, too." Regardless of weight, size of purse or strap. *whooshFLOOR!*

Upside to it? What I called the nonchalant model pose of the first set of pictures (and the tech laughed and told me they call it the "Cleopatra" pose so I was close) was a piece of cake with one hip already higher. On the one side at least. *wink*

I have six months before I go back for the next set of pictures so I'm going to see how much straighter I can get my back between now and then. Goals! I haz 'em! Woo-hoo!

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