pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

It's been an interesting six weeks, or um, 8 weeks?

 So many things. Oh NOEZ!!! All of the things!!!! And yet ... and yet, life is good. Part of why it is good is because there is life. In the midst of the strife, the death, the near death, the almost wasted of a human's potential - a long time love, the anger and hurt feelings, and massive fear as one walked the tightrope while stretching for their spouse, a young boy coming into his own - amidst all of this, there is Life.

Also there are voices. Voices ribboned with Joy as covenants are made, rippling with laughter during shared tasks, carrying concern and tips wrapped in "hey this worked for me", covered in warmth during visiting hours.

And Love. Always when I look around me - to family, to friends, to kin - there is Love. When I look beyond my tiny world and allow my vision to reach further than my door, my street, my town; I see the Love in so many people. People I barely know and those I do not know at all. Actions that reach further than their intended targets and weave through the hearts of the witnesses all around.

Life. It is a good good thing. *smile*

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