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The Gratitude Project, inspired by Estara T'Shirai

So, the idea is to post one thing I am genuinely grateful for every day from Lammas until Mabon. I swore I would not ever post in my LJ (lol) because I have nothing to say. However, this idea of Estara's was so good I decided to do this a means of support for her idea.

I missed yesterday, so today I will post two. Yesterday I was grateful for the genuine warmth people in Spiritways (my CUUPs group) showed me for the Lammas ritual I wrote and led. There were a number of new people there and one was there to look for a reason to complain about us (he didn't find one) and though there was a bit of dead space during transitions (I'll need to work on that) it went fairly well. Mostly I'm grateful for the experience of *doing* it. Woo-hoo!!

Today's gratitude - the laughter at my work. Retail in any form is difficult, but my staff and I find every opportunity to find and/or tell the joke in a situation and it makes a huge difference in how you feel at the end of the day.
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