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Post #2 - because I am *excited* about it!

 Last week I signed up for Witchcamp! *\0/*  Go Me!!

SpiralHeart Summer Witchcamp

Camp Intention: No matter what the future holds, we love fiercely, we embrace our challenges, we know our power.

Awaken your sense of wonder. Step into your power. Play. Dance. Drum.
Explore your authentic self.

July 21-28, 2012
Four Quarters Farm
Artemas, PA

This year’s story is Psyche and Eros.

Camp will be held at the Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary in southern Pennsylvania.

Mornings are for Exploration. You’ll choose a path to concentrate upon from a variety of offerings, ranging from introductory to advanced skills-work. Your path facilitators, through a variety of methods, will assist your development of a deep connection with the Earth and your companions.

Afternoons are for Reflection. You’ll be able to talk about what you’re experiencing with the members of your affinity group. You’ll hike through lush woodlands, or bask in the warming sun. And you’ll have opportunities to learn new skills and crafts.

Evenings are for Celebration. You’ll join with the rest of the camp as we co-create a living, vibrant community through rich, deeply moving ritual planned by our ritual arc team, based on the week’s intention and sharing of the ongoing work from the various paths.

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