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This, people, is Doable! UndergroundRail

 Signal boost from [personal profile] elf

pocketnaomi's post: The Underground Rail:
Ms. Magazine ... talks about a woman who is facing criminal charges in Idaho for ordering an abortofascient drug over the Internet because she couldn't make the trip to the nearest clinic, several hours away. I live within a day trip of some parts of Idaho. I started thinking, "If I'd taken a weekend to do it, I could've gone and picked her up, I bet. Taken her there, brought her back."
Jane: An Abortion Service
A documentary film reveals the story of a secret women-run collective that took matters into their own hands when abortion was illegal and created a safe underground network in the Chicago area.
Underground Rail song, performed by Lookingglass Folk; this inspired and named the project.

Communities to discuss the project, logistics, gather support, and so on: [Bad username: underground_rail] and </a></b></a>undergroundrail (Join! Let's make this WORK!)

ILU-486, a short story by Amanda Ching, which shows a chillingly plausible future.
Summary: In the not-so-distant future of Virginia, the Personhood Act has outlawed abortion and chemical birth control. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, though.
And the Discordian counterpoint: got an AFA letter (I find their emails hilarious and uplifting; it's always a joy to discover that Home Depot is leading our children into debauchery) announcing their upcoming "Marriage America Conference," which said its purpose is
To educate, empower, and equip today’s leaders, churches, and parachurch organizations by creating a reservoir of knowledge, research, resources, support, and networking opportunities for marriage and family issues.
I think that's exactly what the Underground Rail project is for! (Well, not limited to churches and religious orgs. But I encourage all the religious people I know to get involved.)

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