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After Pantheacon 2011

I haven't read it, I just d/l'ed it. It is available in free epub and pdf formats. I found it via the CUUPs facebook page.

It is essays from the people involved in and touched by the women only ritual at Pantheacon last year and the hard feelings that occurred during the handling of it and the aftermath.

Gender and Transgender in Modern Paganism


From the back cover:

"The events at Pantheacon 2011 cause a storm that reverberated across the planet, with discussion on many websites and mailing lists, and even a mention in the UK's Guardian newspaper.
This book was created in the hope of extending the debate and bringing it to a wider audience. We have included articles from people in both major camps, who have explained their positions powerfully and sincerely. This book is not an easy read -- much of it will be painful, and there is probably no one in the wider pagan community who will not be offended by at least something in here. Articles have been edited only for grammar and typography -- you will find honest words, entirely uncensored. This, however, is the point of the exercise.
When nothing is said, nothing will be heard, and nothing can change."

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