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So I begrudgingly bought appliances

 Begrudgingly because they are not broken, they do turn on after all and that really is my measurement for when to buy new. Shiny new OS or laptop? Order! Shiny new phone? Order!! No problem. Books and ebooks - order, order! Paints and brushes and pencils - yay!!! - Order! Microwave - wanted to order, but it still worked even though it's "permanent" placement pissed me right off and it's power is about -800 watts of modern day.

"Turns on" really shouldn't be the benchmark for replacement. The oven, even with a new heating element required constant monitoring as the thermostat was off kilter or it just doesn't heat evenly anymore or something. Meats were fairly easy to swing, but cakes and cookies were a nightmare with moving of racks, peeking repeatedly, and changing time and temps to get them to cook properly. (Why, yes, all those wedding cookies.)

So the microwave finally up and croaked a few weeks ago. We replaced it forthwith (ask the kids, they made long and hilarious jokes about the speed with which the Man would replace various broken things and the microwave was at the number one spot). The one that died - in spectacular fashion with "your house is on fire" smells and odd popping/crackling noises - lived above the stove in a custom made cabinet for that space. It is because of this special holder that my mum continually had it repaired instead of replaced. The thing is older than my children (I kid you not).

So my mate bought also a normal range hood for above the stove which will bring much light to cooking. And space. And tall pots that can happily stew on the back burner without sending copious steam clouds into a microwave bottom which really cannot be good for it. A pretty stainless steel hood. Which matches .... *looks around* ... only the garbage pail. Nice. We (and when I say "we" I mean "he") with great effort removed the old microwave. I pulled down the old backsplash that lived behind it. The copper tiles were attached directly to the original wallpaper. I remember this wallpaper, though I had forgotten the amount of turquoise in it. The paper removed itself with the tiles and part of the paper covering the unfinished wallboard behind it. I think those low spots add character.

I used 2 coats of primer and 2 top coats of paint. Last night the man went to put up the hood and discovered that the wiring coming through the wall is on the opposite side of the vent than the wiring box in the hood. Lovely. Today he is to stop at ye olde hardware and grab a box to run the wire to the other side under the cabinet so the pretty stainless hood can be useful for other than one more shiny thing for me to clean cooking grease off of.

I look at the stove. I weep. I decide okay - I'll get a new one. One with a working thermostat. Yay for perfect cookies again! <---- sweet tooth, what can I say? In stainless. Holy whatthebloodyhell do they charge for stoves! *dies a thousand painful deaths* I searched and I compared and I priced and I found extra bonus monies off and I ordered it. Quite pleased with myself. And then I was on a roll. I start searching fridges. In stainless. The kind I really really want is absurdly priced. I scoff. I continue my search and settle for one that will work just fine, is smaller than the current one, and configured as I want it - freezer on the top. The one my mum has here is a side-by-side and I loathe it. Nothing fits in the freezer side of any decent size. I made a tort shortly after we moved in and had to undo and replate it just to get it in the freezer. That irritated me no end (yet I didn't buy a new one at the time because the thing works!). This one has had the company guy out on a recall. And it's defrost hose slowly freezes and clogs and then water runs on the wooden floor. It has damaged 2 square feet of floor and I still didn't replace it because the damage was already done and the thing still froze food as it should. (Yes, I know. Truly I do.)

So - new stove and fridge to replace the ~30 and 20 year old appliances, respectively. The hubster laughed at me when I bitched about replacing the stove. He seems to think that >20 years is a long time for a stove. Humph. Perhaps. My daughter laughed, too. I would prefer to spend on other things. Most everyone would, I imagine. I blame the microwave - it is the one who started it all. 

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