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For a ritual we were doing a guided meditation. A member wanted me to do it. I found one that would work in a book for "kinda" what she wanted to do. I emailed her the blurb of the intent of the ritual and asked her if this would work or did she want to do something else? No answer and it's now 2 days before the ritual (she asked me less than a week ahead, but I'm adaptable). So we were together the day before, she said we'd discuss it then. Okay - day before I take the book the rite is from and two others with me for her to peruse. I acknowledge it is not really what she wants and we can do what it is she wants for the ritual, just to tell me basically what type of mystery she looking to achieve and I'll write it accordingly. So she decides, no the one in the book is good enough, or she decided by default because her life is crazy busy the past couple, and future couple, weeks and it's just too hard to think.

S'ok. I decide I will read the ritual and only fringe participate. I forget that 1) we're using candles for lighting and I'm night blind like a damn mole and 2) that I already learned that the written word goes much faster than the big paragraph looks like. As I begin reading the ritual (and I kinda of whizzed through grounding/centering on the erroneous assumption that all 5 of us were capable of doing it liketysplit and got the feeling immediately after moving onward that all were not) I realize this FUCKING paragraph is damn short and lacking in much detail. Well obviously it is meant for lots of self embellishment. Obviously it is a guideline. Obviously it is assumed that I knew this already. Duh - PJ, please meet Obviously.

It's called not being properly prepared. Period. So as I'm reading and realizing I begin to embellish the hell out of it. I add what seem like long spaces to it. Apparently I'm living at the speed of light because for the pauses were miniscule from the participants POV. Duh - PJ, please meet the TimeWarp of Guided Meditation™.

Lesson three of this day - just do the damn meditation with everyone, remember what you can from the guidelines, but PARTICIPATE because you can then gauge the time, the depth, and the pauses needed much more accurately. Duh - PJ, meet your damn self because this one you should have figured out prior to doing it.

WWwwwhhhheeeeeeee ............ all in all, for having it tossed at me the day before it wasn't wholly awful, but it could have been so much better. Eh, it's a learning group. Good damn thing. ;-)
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