pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Some of those thinky thoughts pestering about my head

 Weird mood in the wake of this holiday. I think I'm a bit too reflective at the moment and it is all too much of a jumble to get out in pixels coherently. It's not a hectic jumble by any means, just a bit of tumbling together in a shallow pool of "ooooohhhhhhm".

The holiday mayhem was completed by the 18th for the Family Solstice dinner. The week between my holiday and the Mate's family's holiday was rather serene and calm. Coven was lovely and insights came with the Yule fire, as they always do. :-)

Christmas Eve was dinner at the Daughter's house after I was done working and the food was tasty and the conversation hilarious. They all looked much more exhausted than I felt and I was grateful for the bit of energy I still had with me. I made the Oreo truffles who's recipe has been everywhere on the Internet and treats were very warmly received. Limited quantities can be consumed as they are so very rich.

Christmas day brought a leisurely morning and a very pleasant afternoon at my s-i-l's house. There were some sugared up toddlers laughing their way through the house and that brought needed gaiety to the first Christmas without my f-i-l. His absence was clearly felt even as his spirit weaved through the rooms touching each of his grown children in some way: his one daughter gesturing like him, his eldest smiling like him, his youngest daughter poking fun and his only son with twinkling eyes stirring the pot between mother and child with an offhand "sounds like Papa Jones" remark. I sat back and enjoyed the feel of the decades long woven family connection that pulsed around me and was grateful to be able to witness it.

I've had a stunningly drama-free few weeks that has left me calm and settled at my core, my purpose for the coming year exceedingly clear, with an opening and blossoming unfolding from my bones that feels more Absolute Me than ever in my life thus far. 

Life is Good. All is Well. May We All be Wrapped in Love. ~smile~

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