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 A hundred years ago when I worked for Hallmark and we had a Showcase store here in the 'Burgh I bought a pendant. I cannot find a photo of it online and I can't be arsed to take a proper pic myself, so - it is metal and shaped like a book. The "cover" says, "Life's too short to be ordinary", inside left: "Do the unexpected ... Bend the rules ..."; inside right: "Go a little bit wild ... Make this moment count!" (A necklace made for me, ellipses and all. Ha!) Over the years I've received many laughs at its appropriateness for me.

Now I have a second "word" necklace, gifted by one of my coveners and I expect more chuckles at how well it fits. It is a bar pendant and the front says, "I believe", then it goes around the other 3 sides like this: "in joy", "in happiness", "in today". *quietly laughing*

Words. They are my friends. I even wear them around my neck.

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