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Family Solstice newly minted Tradition

Because of many things this year started the family Solstice dinner and gift exchange. No-one (on our side) need worry about which side they spend Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas Eve/Day with. We will do this every year and have a time to be together and the rest of their days they can divide so as not to piss off the SO's and their relatives. It is a perfect solution for all of us and for me in particular as we've been at the hubster's family for all their holiday get-togethers and I'm a bit tired of some things I desire taking a back seat. So - w00t!

Dinner was delicious, many cookies were had. There was fire - large in fireplace and small in candles. Presents all around. We talked and laughed and pulled party crackers (except I could not get a good pop out of mine - humph!). Now I get to slowly stretch through the week while people go nuts around me trying to fit it all in. I am very pleased to not be in that tug and pull. Yay for happy times!

Plus I got to wear my outfit that I've had for a year and finally felt appropriate to wear. (It is crazy comfortable, too.)

Tomorrow is coven Solstice and I expect it to be as lovely as last year. Wednesday is a Solstice service and planning for our Reclaiming/Feri classes starting in January. Busy, lovely, soul fulfilling stuff! Hurrah for life! *grin*

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