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I've been humbled. Again.

In what is always a humbling experience for me I went grocery shopping. When I enter a grocery store it is usually for very specific (read, "I know where they are") items for particular occasions or recipes. I mainly hit produce, organic, and gluten-free when I go. In, out, done.
This time I was picking up some of the U&C things on the hubster's behalf since they're trying to put him in an early grave at the post office. I wandered around staring at the aisle signs like they're written in a language I cannot read. At least I only had to go ALL the way back to the other side once. :-/
It was pretty pathetic to see I feel certain. First I'm gasping at the prices, then I'm turning in circles, then I'm stopping other people and asking them questions. Today I had to ask where one gets the 'tickets' for the deli line. I had to text my son and husband (whoever answers first) to ask what brand of bread we buy. WTH!


But we have food! Huzzah!

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