pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Good 2 days

Thanksgiving was delicious, as always. My siblings-in-law just had a sunroom added to their house. It's well built and has heating so it can be used all year. Very nice with a peaked ceiling, lots of windows and a tile floor. I love a sunroom where you can be >< close to the outside yet not in it when the weather is not fit to be out in.

Today being "black Friday" was a day to keep my pretty little ass out of the malls. And so I did. The local grocery store ~ near empty. I met someone there in their cafe for lunch and it was nice not to be overrun with p e o p l e. She picked the place and it was a great idea!  Light lunch with spiritual counsel on the side for a lovely young woman while engaging with her no-longer-a-baby who's naming ceremony I led = awesome.

Good two days, yes indeed!

Next 2 days = paying job. I will work to make them good, also. ~smile~

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