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State Farm Auto Insurance - not horrid

One fine Monday a guy crossed the double yellow in order to pass us to hurry up to the red light to sit and wait. After his rear right side smacked my front left side he proceeded to just sit in his car pretending he'd been all legal in his maneuvers. The hubster was having none of that and got out and rapped on his window for attention and told him to pull off to the side. ~time passes involving exchange of info, threats of police calling, but no witnesses that weren't passengers because "not their vehicle, not their problem"~

Estimate gotten, appointment for fix 6 weeks out. One week later, house garage tries to eat my car as I pull in after work. I attack back. In hindsight NOT a good idea. The garage won. Second estimate gotten, but I waited to call in the claim as we were uncertain who was paying for what in the first ding.

We received a letter from the other insurance company denying liability as their client (of course) was telling the truth and the hubster was just a big fat liar. <------ They used legal terms, but it reads the same. *shrug*

I called State Farm to start the claim for the garage attack. I could hear her voice do this o_O as she told me there was already an open claim on this vehicle. ~sigh~ Yes, I am well aware. She laughed appropriately at my description of the garage trying to eat my car. I told her how it tries the same thing with any car that tries to enter it (much like a "I'm saving it for marriage!" virgin) and yet she still used the words "at fault" for the accident claim and she was using the words for me and not the garage. I suppose it doesn't really matter. If the garage is found "at fault" it just comes out of the homeowner's insurance and that is held by - you guessed it - State Farm.

The ding from when the hubster was driving (we'll see how long it is before I let him in traffic again with my car) is still listed as an open claim, but likely will end with us paying the deductible. And then we have the deductible that the house garage refuses to pay. Still ... the repair totals are tilting over $2500 of which we'll pay 1/5 and I am okay with that. We have guaranteed renewal so the agent informed me they can't drop us no matter how many claims we make. (Always one bent to testing theories I feel are exaggerated I instead stomped the temptation down.) Plus neither is large enough to be a "chargeable accident" so we do not lose our "10 year accident free" discount and even if they had been we've got "accident forgiveness" so unless one of us kills someone *knocks wood* it looks like we chose well on auto insurance.

Good. We've been shoveling money their way for many years. We should go unpunished for minor mishaps and evil hungry garages.

I did find myself thinking it's a good thing health insurances don't get to auto-up premiums for usage. YoungerBoy would have had us bankrupt long before diagnosis. I still think it's a racket the way some insurance companies can jack up premiums after one accident if the damage is over X dollars even if they've made 10 times that amount off of you. I guess that is how "accident forgiveness" came about. Good that it did.

*is happy over all*

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