pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

The irony never ends

 Yesterday when I went in to work for a half day (found out Thursday I was needed) I was aching all over. I thought, "Huh. Awfully achy today, I wonder why." Then I remembered the fall. Duh. The head congestion was from all the dusty floaty stuff that hides between boxes under stairs. I expected to get better as the day wore on.

Evening came. I worsened. By late last night when I was canceling plans for Faire today (I bought a new waist cincher and one of those loooooong belts I can't remember the name for just for today, damnit!) I knew I had the creeping crud that my daughter, the Grandboy who I babysat on Tuesday, and one of the docs at work had. Bless them all! Last night I was greatly displeased to be sick.

This morning I found it to be Hilarious. What a perfect culmination of the last 6 months. How ironic, how bloody appropriate. So, today is "couch all day" much to the chagrin of YoungerBoy who prefers this seat. A "sick pillow", blankets, Zicam (start immediately with onset of symptoms is awesome if one recognizes said symptoms for what they are, but ...), Emergan-C, Gatorade, various teas, water, echinacea, super-duper strength Tylenol, Vicks, my personal cold/flu oil rub, and On-Demand TV. I think I've got this puppy well in hand.

And yes, 'ello Universe - the significance of the timing is not lost on me. One week until OlderBoy's wedding with cookies still unbaked and other tasks as yet undone. Yes, I hear you. Hail Eris!

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