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Gratitude Project - for the ability to laugh at wasted time

 You know - I know me. I know me really well. (Disclaimer so my coveners don't beat me: I know my shortcomings really well. My virtues are still pretty much a mystery, but I am learning to recognize them, too.) Okay then.

I am old enough to know me well enough not to waste time in the manner I did today. Yet ... as I was vacuuming this morning and while waiting for the shortening to cool to mix the cookie dough I looked at the kitchen floor and realized with the 5 day workweek bookended by a surprise party and meetings and PPD the stoopid floor did not get washed last week and it *needed* it.

So I wash the kitchen floor before making cookies. Because flour, sugar, and in this case an ill handled bottle of ginger would never hit the floor while baking, right? Course not. I know me well enough to know that if a cookie does hit even a clean kitchen floor I am not serving the cookie to the wedding guests. Am not. Wasted time. Wasted energy.

Not the end of the world by far, but with an extra task thrown in when the Grandboy went to school with the wrong jersey for the football game this afternoon I could have used that bit of time and energy back in my pocket.

So ... why did I think it was so gods awful important to clean the thing first? Because it needed it, of course. Today. Before baking and making it dirty(er).

So I LOL'ed when I stepped in sugar and watched ginger float to the floor. And when I was done I swept it up and resisted the urge to clean it again. :P~

A few cookies shy of nine dozen are cooling and soon to be placed in the freezer. Dishes done and drying.

I need to go make a quick stir fry dinner. Then I am collapsing in front of the TV to watch the Pens pre-season opener.

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