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Gratitude Project (part II)- I love Tuesdays!!

 I did a gratitude this morning but -- today was just such an "UGH!" when it started with me sleeping in late, and in an unusual move I checked my phone first thing and saw a VM from the daughter and learned the Grandboy was home sick from school. I had a hair appointment that I broke the speed limit to arrived just a few minutes late to..... and it was all uphill from there culminating in an excellent night.

Grandboy does not seem to have as bad a case of the creeping crud as the daughter nor the doc a work has/had. I plied him with Emergen-C and we watched (I sort of watched) the movie _Titanic_. Anth made meatloaf for the first (?) time for dinner. YoungerBoy and his girlfriend arrived seeking info and advice and ate, also.

A friend exceedingly dear to my heart got engaged over the weekend and was brimming with joy tonight as she spoke of their plans and we poked and laughed our "creative" takes on "the perfect shower".

I sailed through the last two weeks unmarked by the insanity around me. When I started to fall toward old patterns I recognized it and pulled back to my center.

People around me have open hearts and spirits that flow freely as I continue to draw to me what is wholesome, whole, and deeply joyful and they are drawn to me - kin recognizes kin.

And All is Well.


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