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Gratitude Project - for kind hearted people

Early gratitude for my hair stylist who offered up a pair of plastic gloves after I lamented being on my way to the Grandboy's who is home ill from school with the creeping crud that he acquired from my daughter. I've thus far avoided it in spite of working with the public and one of our docs, Gus, leaving work early yesterday because of having it.

I hate to be a putz about it, but with less than 2 weeks until the wedding and bunch of things left to do I *really* need to stay healthy. I stopped at the drug store and grabbed some disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and a wing and a prayer. I'd packed vitamins and Emergen-C. *blerg* It's not as if I could say, "No, let the sick child be alone all day!"

Went for the haircut, left with pretty hair and plastic gloves. I adore the humans at times. :-)

Cross your fingers for me!

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