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Gratitude Project - for skillz!!

 Long week, many working hours, with a start at the full moon.

Now - I know what the scientists say - the FM does nothing to human behaviour. And I know that anyone that works with the public feels very very differently. You can show 1,000 studies and I'll still hold to the idea that anything with a gravitational pull that helps move the tides of the mighty oceans has some pull in susceptible people (all of us being made up of 90% water and subject to the effects of gravity). "Susceptible people" being those who swing hard in the emotional lability department. They used to say the earth was flat, too, and we all know how that turned out.  *walks to the edge of the earth and doesn't fall off*

So, back on point. Work = exhausting with many extra hours + full moon + one person on vacation + one slow day and one medium day out of seven. And the wedding in 2 weeks. (Who still doesn't have her shoes and a purse? Oh, that would be me.) We have about 1,100 cookies counted on thus far, plus about 400 more when we're done baking, plus some more (not yet certain of the numbers) so we'll be okay with that. I hope there are some left for people to take with, but with only one side of the family baking it is what it is. I still have 3 kinds of "must do's" and one other I'd like to do, but since those involve a rolling pin time will tell. (Just not good with the evenness needed in rolling *grump*.) We have to do the first trays and pack the rest. We have manicures to do, a hair appt. next week for a quick trim and the updo the morning of. I still need to buy the other half of the alcohol and get the info to the place hosting the rehearsal dinner. Hhmmm ..... 2 weeks is sounding shorter and shorter!  

So today was fine tuning the plans for the cookie table and the trays, tiers, leftover boxes and whatnots. Planning some other small pieces. Then I had to research dates for all the Sabbats for our CUUPs group in 2012 checking against the church calendar. Those Quakers beat me to some preferred Sundays. Those Quakers! *shakes head* Printed out items for Lifecraft tomorrow, for the service meeting afterward. Poked people on FB and elsewhere about attendance at Pagan Pride tomorrow after the meeting. Sent some emails. All done after work today. *is tired*

Did I mention I'm leading Mabon on the 25th of this month? Yeah. I am. I tapped a member to co-lead and I am so grateful to her for that.

But the gratitude of this long winded post? For having skills - organizational ones, analytical ones - that get things done. Also for my daughter's mad skillz at all things social - bless her bless her bless her!

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