pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project - for the ability to bake well

Double batch of chocolate almond butterballs made, baked, and packaged for the freezer. Huzzah!

After much hunting through 2 different grocery stores it appears I'll have to make the tart shells from scratch. Yes they taste better that way, but I could really have used the time saver what with time running fast, a get-together this coming Saturday, someone on vacation from work next week, service meeting looming, Faire, Mabon, then full tilt wedding stuff with out-of-towners, rehearsal dinner, and the wedding.

So, cookies for the cookie table from this house: chocolate almond butterballs, snickerdoodles, pecan tarts, elderflower stars, mini mandarin orange cakes, gluten-free scones and molasses cookies if I have time.

*clones self*


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