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Gratitude Project - happy dress zipping

The dress purchased last October for my son's wedding this October that would not zip (and my ever supportive daughter blamed my ribs, "Mom, maybe you just have a big ribcage!" Bwahahaha - I SO adore her!) and the not zipping made me grumble and shoot unkind words at my body. It was a sizing crapshoot because I'd not ordered from that web site before. I'm fairly good at sussing out how an outfit will look on me from photos, but sizing is harder so I mainly stick to sites I know the sizing for. And this place was 'no returns'. But it was exactly what I wanted so I bought it.

I was displeased when it would not zip, but knew I had a year, so ....... 6 months later the damn thing still wouldn't zip. Two weeks ago it appeared that it would zip if I didn't need a third arm to do it behind my back while stabilizing the chiffon out of the zipper teeth's grasp. And my fingers don't reach a certain point in my back - it is the spot I am convinced must be really dry because lotion has never touched it. ;-)

Today my mate is off of work and I sought his assistance and it zipped!! And I can sit, breathe, eat and dance in it which has been my criteria for outfits since the first child was born and I decided pain for fashion was a dumb idea that I should have ditched long before. So ~~yay~~

The dress also has a wee bolero jacket with a slight ruffled edge (not pictured):

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