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 Always out of the loop on anything generally in the "pop culture" category, or "classic" category, or "cult" entertainment category for that matter - hhhmmm ... okay, out of the loop me had never seen, read, nor was even aware of the story of _Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf_. For those who are aware of certain aspects of my family of origin you should be highly amused by this.

That has been rectified as I went to a dress rehearsal of a local production of it last night as one of my coveners was in it. W!T!F! people. Who sits and thinks, "I want to write a play! Hhhmmm, what shall it be about? I know, broken illusions to the point of insanity manifested in hateful repertoire. No ...... how about if they if really love each other. Naw, better - breaking new young couples so they become aware they are just like the protagonists via clever devious wordplay. Hhm. Perhaps just alcoholic want-to-be's and wished-they'd-been's with bitterness thrown in for flavour. Which one, which one.....

Oh, I KNOW! I'll smoosh all of that together! Huzzah!"

Holy shit, folks, hooooooly shit!

At least now I will get all the "George and Martha" jokes. Um, yay?

(The play was excellent truth be told. Raw, horrible, funny, well-acted, well directed, and a damn fine set. I am glad I went to see it.)

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