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Gratitude Project - for bridal showers

Odd thing to be grateful for when one is not the bride. People aren't bitter at bridal showers. (At least the ones I've been to.) There is an excitement charged with love surrounding showers. It buzzes around the room, stopping by tables and enchanting silly games. It tickles the lips of the bride-to-be, willing ribbons to break while presents are opened. I've seen people roll their eyes and groan at the mention of attending a shower and it's best they opt to stay home because really - you don't belong there if you can't allow yourself to be swept away for a few hours in the fresh hope and anticipation of people embracing one of their dreams. I enjoy the tradition of showers, bridal and baby. They bring a pause into my life that stirs remembrance of childhood exuberance and the joy of believing that blowing on that seeded dandelion really is a magical act.

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