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 When the big glass dolphin paperweight (I can only assume while suffocating on the sawdust all around it) decided to take its life by divebombing from the high shelf to the floor my foot (taking out the pasta bowl along the way, like all deranged suicides do), its pointy glass nose aimed directly for the second toe on my right foot. During the ensuing stab of pain I did not notice it had managed a partial spiral move immediately afterward and attacked the top of my foot with one of its fins. Now that I see the red line and surrounding bruise that matches the bruise on my toe I am feeling a lot less sorry for its shattered dorsal fin and NO guilt that I chucked it the garbage. No wonder they are endangered - vicious things!

Oh yeah, the bright side. Nothing appears broken and now there are two less things to dust in the dining room! ~grin~

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