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Gratitude Project - for lack of attachment to things

I'm not happy when things get broken, but I am over it in seconds unless it is something really expensive that I use enough that it must be replaced, and soon. But knick knacks, plates, baubles and assorted other things that bang, smash, and splinter to the table/floor/wall - ugh, but eh.

I didn't used to be this way. And occasionally I grump for longer than a minute if there's no way to replace the item. Even those things sometimes don't get longer than a sigh. This is a good thing. Like today, when after sanding the dining room tabletop I was cleaning up sawdust out of crevices and I accidentally bumped the dolphin paper weight which crashed into the big pasta bowl (can't replace it, design not made any more) and I just sighed, hunted for shoes to not end up with glass shards in my foot and finished vacuuming that up before continuing the sawdust removal.

Things are just things ~ broken people? Those are hard for me. But things I can deal with. I am grateful I've cultivated that. :-)

The toe the damn dolphin landed on is not too happy. And the Grandboy was well-behaved and didn't say something akin to, "Well, if you'd taken me to Gamestop like I asked of you instead of refinishing the table top your toe would be fine." 

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