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Intro/explanatory post for upcoming 3 weeks for Dreamwidth

How I visualize the next 21 days of posts, always subject to change on a whim. :-)


The poll for 3W4DW had results that surprised me, but fun! I looked at the choices I'd posted and one of the surprising parts was that no-one had opted to do a write in subject. The categories were a bit disparate and since all of them got votes I will be doing all.

Being me and being all about connections - connections between people, between spirits, between body and spirit, body and consciousness, consciousness and spirit, between intellect and emotion, and intellect and sensation, and sensation and emotion, between religion and humanity, and humanity and the Universe, between Love and Joy, and the Ancients and sex, and sex and Joy, and intellect and Will, and Power and Self, and Pride and Sex, and Passion and Self, between math and turnips, and the stars and Scrabble™, between religion and raindrops, and The Gods and compasses and and and ….. hahahaha welcome to how my mind whirls.

Anyone who's been in conversations with me for any length of time more than once (or hell, has read my blog) is aware of my tendency to go off on tangents before I return to the subject at hand. If I return to the subject at hand. Most of the time (I think, but I could be wrong) I verbally link the tangents so people can follow my twisted thought path. At times I forget to and the leap occurs in my brain, but never releases through the tongue (or pen or keyboard). I am clued in by the look on the face of the person I am conversing with. If they're comfortable enough with me they say, "Hey. WHAT?" or some version of that. If not I have to watch carefully so I see the clue and go back to voice the connections.

Some people make all the mental leaps with me and this is excellent. Our conversations are fluid, deep, and often hilarious. Plus, it's a time saver. Because my mind is so very quick to make connections across weirdly diverse subjects I don't hold the expectation that everyone will follow this with ease so I strive for clarity. I attempt not to fall into too much repetition as a tool and I consider words - LOTS OF WORDS - my very good friends.

The tangents via connections and the LOTS OF WORDS are the two things that make my posts so very long. And my conversations. *laughs* I used to try to control my thoughts, insist to them that they do not wander and connect across a multitude of mental landscapes. It was exhausting. Like walking knee deep in mud. So I stopped that.


3W4DW posts will follow that same path, sort of. As I allowed my mind to roll around the subjects I began to see connections between all of them. My mind laid them in a grid and I watched all the threads form. "Fascinating," I thought. I am going to try to tie them all together, one to the next to the next to the next, etc. I hope each will still be able to stand on its own as a complete post so one only has to refer back to another if desired. It is a type of control of my wayward thoughts yet in a different way. Instead of, *stomp stomp* "Be QUIET mind!" it will be more, "I'll get to you, but I'm going over here first as a conscious choice." Heh. It should be interesting, at least for me. *grins*

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