pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Uninspired and unamused by the DMV

It was time for the photo ID renewal. (two weeks ago) *yawn and blerg*

Opted for the didn't-bother-to-shower-go-ahead-rain-on-me look.

First snapshot tossed up on the screen and the DMV woman says, "Is that okay?"

I reply, "yep".

DMV W: *surprised look* "Are you sure?" 

Me: "Yup. Whatever." 

DMV W: :::::pause::::::

Me: "It could be worse, right?" ~smiles~ <---- me trying to make her comfortable with the idea that someone is a-ok with one take. Really.

DMV W: *laughs* "Oh yes! It could be a LOT worse" Finally hits print.

Did you note the huge sweatshirt I am wearing? Not giving a shit how Big Brother's photo of me looks. Even better is if it doesn't look a bit like me. (It does)

Four years until the next forced compliance. Or I could drive w/o a license.

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