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Uninspired and unamused by the DMV

It was time for the photo ID renewal. (two weeks ago) *yawn and blerg*

Opted for the didn't-bother-to-shower-go-ahead-rain-on-me look.

First snapshot tossed up on the screen and the DMV woman says, "Is that okay?"

I reply, "yep".

DMV W: *surprised look* "Are you sure?" 

Me: "Yup. Whatever." 

DMV W: :::::pause::::::

Me: "It could be worse, right?" ~smiles~ <---- me trying to make her comfortable with the idea that someone is a-ok with one take. Really.

DMV W: *laughs* "Oh yes! It could be a LOT worse" Finally hits print.

Did you note the huge sweatshirt I am wearing? Not giving a shit how Big Brother's photo of me looks. Even better is if it doesn't look a bit like me. (It does)

Four years until the next forced compliance. Or I could drive w/o a license.

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Apr. 22nd, 2011 07:58 pm (UTC)
I had my license photo taken today. And, being the girly swat that I am; showered, spent extra time on my makeup, fluffed my hair, selected a solid-colored shirt, etc. etc. ad nauseum. LOL

She took my photo and it was fine. She asked me if I wanted another. I told her the first one was fine but if she wanted to take a second one, fine. So she did. It looked just like the first one. She then, wanted to take a third one. Why, I don't know. So, again, I said fine. And guess what!? It looked identical to the other two.

I picked the third one just because it was the third one. Why she was fascinated in taking more pix, I have no idea. They were all good. Now, shrunk down to the drivers license size, I think it lost a lot of the detail....but, it's done, and it looks like me. This dang blonde hair doesn't photograph well, in my opinion. It makes my face look more round than it is. LOL
Apr. 22nd, 2011 09:03 pm (UTC)
They can be so weird .... my woman was nice, just weird. Print the thing and let me leave. Please.
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