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I <3 my culture <------ sarcasm

Again. Always. Same subject, different day. The subject that never dies. Because women should love to have what men deem "compliments" called out to them on the street. Compliments from strangers should be always welcome apparently as long as they are "nice" (in the man's eyes) and presumably should be received with a smile and a "thank you". <------- Male privilege, they have it in spades. Especially if they are a "nice guy".

So here I drag out again:

Schrödinger’s Rapist

Don't mind me. I'm just gonna grab my keys and lace them individually through the fingers of my fist while I walk to my car in the dark after work. In the parking lot. Of the suburban mall. Like I do when I leave the grocery store at night. In the suburbs. Because "I'm paranoid". Oh wait .... no ..... because I've been sexually assaulted. And if an attempt is made again I will leave scars with my keys. I'll probably die for it, but at this point, I may very well rather.

But you go on with your bad self and whistle and catcall on the street. Do follow me in your car, persistent, because I refuse to smile and say "thank you". Do get pissy when I don't answer your volley of questions as you "just try to pass the time on the commute home". Go on. You're just "being nice".

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