pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

My lovely children

And their SOs. Never ones to pass up a chance to poke a bit of fun they enjoyed themselves in picking out the joke gifts for my birthday. The requisite items with the number "50", older is better, caution cone, mini-fan, bag of marbles, anti-aging candy, crying towel, cake-n-cup kit with a candle that says "reaaly fucking old", a black ribbon, a tiara, a booklet with facts from my birth year, and a t-shirt that says, "vintage 1961 authentic original". I love that t-shirt. *g* Plus a gift card for my hair place. Yay!

They went in with the hubster on a pair of diamond earrings. My daughter put them in a wee gift bag with candy that said "happy 50th" and of course she put in 50 pieces of it. Hahahaha! So her! I've been wearing the earrings for almost 24 hours now and they do not bother my ears. Hurrah! I quit wearing earrings many years ago because of irritation, but these? Nada. Which is awesome! And also from the hubster a membership to a local art gallery and a commitment to go to shows, galleries, etc. 2 Fridays per month. So ... booyah! Awesome birthday!

Also had dinner with a comedy show following last night at a local place and the food was delish and the comedians were spot on! Today was refuel, relax, and enjoy an absolutely balmy April day. I am so very blessed. *filled with pleasure*

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