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Radio silence broken

I am so horrid sometimes at updating this journal. Many things swooshing in the back of my head, none ready to be written, promised things not forgotten. I've been working on updating the powder room (old news for my Facebook peeps) on my days off. Daunting, but doable, mostly waiting now for fixture parts to arrive to finish up. Wallpaper was stripped, walls primed and painted. I am pleased with me!

Most work has been done with attention to self and any beatings my neck and back have taken have been mostly undone by the magic of the stretching exercises given to me by awesome Jason the PT Guy months ago. It is rather amazing the pain that be undone with regular doing of the stretches and since about a month after starting I'd been able to regularly add back into my life things that had been missing. As I continue I get to add more! So grateful for that. So grateful for the other gift, too.

Religious woo - It continues, as always. Sarcasm challenge has better and worse days, but the most important aspect of that, the paying attention to it combined with when and where and how is becoming second nature. I am surprised at times the "where" it has its strongest hold. Working the four agreements ~ how freeing that is to Self. Regular meditation instead of "Oh, yeah .... I should do that" mediation works much better. *laughs* Kala, too, is best served regularly.

And, unsurprisingly, I am shifting again ~ Self, life, work, leisure, friends, spirit, relationships - one part changes and everything shifts. Different. Different is good when it brings calm and clarity. Many things have been woven in the last two months, threads knotted into bonds, and the Universe tweaks and sifts and sets them on the path to fruition.

I am more active in posting on FB than here because FB allows one and two sentence updates as I dash past the computer. That works for me in most cases. Except for the hilarity of the bathroom redo I haven't had much to say there, either, the last few weeks.

I have been highly (deeply? both?) contemplative in my silence. Not morose or sad or hurting. Simply being, thinking, dreaming, practicing, dancing, singing, Paying Attention in the moment and living in peace laced with Joy. So, silence on the blog ≠ bad news. Just tossing that in for you worriers. You know who you are.

Blessings. May you be Wrapped in Love.

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