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This ought to stir up some of my list *laughs*

From lilairen 

Stock Rants #6: The Christians Did Not Steal Your Holidays
'Tis (one of) the season(s).

The Christians did not steal your holidays.

First of all: you celebrate the Wicca-derived "Wheel of the Year". The Wheel-Year is a largely modern invention, compiled from Germanic-derived celebrations of the solstices and equinoxes and Celtic-derived celebrations of the Fire Festivals (the cross-quarter days). Unless you are in possession of a time machine, this particular set of concepts postdates the development of Christianity in general.

You may also have noticed that the cultures that are particularly focused on those dates? Are found primarily in northern Europe. You know where Christianity originated? Not northern Europe. Your early Christians, you know, the ones who are hashing out this calendar shit? They're in Palestine, Greece, and the Roman Empire, and are thus going to be influenced by Mediterranean calendars. (And frankly after trying to make sense of how the Romans constructed their calendar my head kind of hurts, but it doesn't have much in the way of apparent giving a flip about equinoxen. Something about ten months plus a chunk marked 'winter' that wasn't counted or labelled, but I can't figure out when they decided to begin their year, precisely, aside from 'originally in March' and 'whenever the emperor said so, which led to a year of 445 days once when Julius Caesar decided to say the sun had something to do with it'.)

Con't here

And Elf's reply here (don't drink when reading it, or if unfamiliar with Eris, drink away!)

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