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Drumming costs me money, damnit!

Except it should not, really, as I already have drums. (Not that I wouldn't buy more mind you. Drums seem to hold the same appeal as boots, jackets, and purses and I am a whore for all three of those.) But ... one of the drummers last night has been composing some background music for us to drum to and he had a short sample on his phone that he hooked into the sound system for us to hear. Lovely! I told him I'd like 100 more like that. *laughs* Because you know, he has copious amounts of free time! 

That led to a different drummer informing me of one of her favourite bands for meditation and she thought for me for drumming. She mentioned her two favourite albums of theirs. So, I bought both. (Yay - package will be coming!) One is Spiritchaser by Dead Can Dance. The other is Into the Labyrinth, same artists.

So, drum, drum, drum .... aaahhh ... chant, chant ..... (need to really learn to perfect drumming and singing/chanting in a manner that doesn't find me simply beating to the rhythm of the words. *facepalm*). Which led to the "Horned One" chant that drew me in like never before. Odd that. So this morning I popped on a chant CD mix done by a CUUPs member since moved away. Which propelled me to seek the the free PDF download of Witchcamp chants I have on my computer. The download is available at Reclaimingquarterly.org.

Which led me to purchase _Witches' Brew - 14 new songs and chants from the Reclaiming Cauldron_ also available at the above web site because I want it, all of it, but specifically this one. Beginning lyrics: 
"And when I rise, let me rise,
like a bird, joyfully;
And when I fall, let me fall,
like a leaf, gracefully, without regrets;
And when I stand, let me stand,
like a tree, strong and tall;
And when I lie, let me lie,
like a lake, peacefully, calm and still;"

On the CD this is sung by Evelie Delfino Sales Posch. Finding the author of the lyrics has been problematic with many attributions on the web to varying people. I hope the CD will have the credit.

So, yes ..... $$$s - but YAY! More music! *is pleased*

ETA - And now I've purchased Florence and the Machine's "Lungs".

Done! Done I say!

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