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Stupid car. I broke it. ~sigh~

More accurately - stupid car brain, I think I made part of it explode. ~double sigh~ The part that controls the lock/unlock mechanism in the doors. Fried it with a mere touch. Or, a *touctouchtouchtouch not-paying-attention touchtouchtouch*. Some programmable thing that you hold the button for 8 seconds or so, even if done accidentally while distracted, except the way to UNprogram it does not work. The wee remote lock/unolck works. Sorta. Apparently I touched that, too.

Tuesday, sitting in my car on the street at the grandboy's house I was fiddling with items to gather to take inside and my finger was pressed on the door unlock button. It made some silly beeps which drew my attention, I let go of it - and it has not worked since. I blame Tuesday. That was the day the grandboy was sick and I hauled him to the pediatrician. The day that going forward will be known as Puberty Pamphlet Day aka PPD - and you Pagans on my list better get that joke!

My habit prior to exiting the car is to toss my keys in my purse. It is a very ingrained habit that keeps me from locking my keys in the car. There were many instances of entering and leaving my car on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and today. Awe. Some. I still retain my habit of tossing my keys in my purse before exiting the vehicle, but I've added another fun task of cussing and then digging through my purse so I can lock the damn car since the door button no longer works. *is filled with glee*

An added fun factor was Wednesday night it was bitterly cold and when those temps were added to the car's brain on top of the insanity I had caused in it the locks kept going up and down and up and down and up and down for most of the ride home from work. That at least made me laugh - long and hard.

Tonight after work the locks immediately relocked after I unlocked them. Over and again. The key (which of course should work) was being overridden by the car brain misfires in whatever Gods awful computer program Chevy opted for in their Malibu. Or maybe none of this is my fault. Maybe I can blame Penda for coercing me to download that Ghost Radar app and maybe the ghosts know they are being tracked and for revenge are living in the soul of my car! That's it! Mwahahaha. ~passes blame without shame~

Perhaps tomorrow I should find the diagram for the fuses in the car, disconnect the door lock one and then reconnect it to see it if works like a mini-reboot with a computer or cell phone. Otherwise it is a trip to the dealer for a hook-up to one of those machines that look for glitches in auto computer programs and rarely find the problem. Then the mechanic simply disconnects the battery (which is truly like a reboot), then reconnects the battery which sets it back to factory standard. They enter a code so it doesn't look like you illegally reset your odometer and hold out their hand for a minimum of $100. ~triple sigh~

Sorry car. I really didn't mean to break you. Can't you just heal yourself? What kind of Witch Ride are you anyway? Not a broom I can tell you that. :P~

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