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Conversations with the Grandboy - how age changes the talks

Took the boy to the doctor this a.m. for sinus/sore throat a few days ago (no strep - yay!) issues. While we're waiting in the exam room he peruses the brochures in the wall holder. "Oh! There is one for boys!" *points* It is titled, "Puberty for Boys". Grandboy (who is 11 years old) hops off of the table and snatches up the brochure. "Before they only had them for girls."

Grandboy: *reads* Ew, they have an x-ray of a penis!
Me: ..... x-ray? That's weird.
Grandboy: Look! *turns brochure to face me*
Me: Oooohhhh ... that's not an x-ray, it is an anatomical drawing. (Thank goodness it was not a cutaway or he might have screamed. It was a "see-through" so all the inner parts could be labeled, too.)
Grandboy: Well, it's looks weird.
Me: That's because you are used to seeing it *attached*.
Grandboy: *nods* Still looks weird.
Me: *nods*

~reads more~

Grandboy: Oh GREAT! *groan*
Me: (suspects) What? *innocently*
Grandboy: Wet dreams! *looks mortified*
Me: Oh you'll start doing your own laundry then. Don't worry about it.
Grandboy: *looks a little less mortified*
Grandboy: *reads more, puts away brochure with a big sigh*
Me: What?
Grandboy: *big sigh voice* Wet dreams ... for 10 years!
Me: *stifles laughter* 10 years?
Grandboy: It said from age 10-18
Me: (knows he is better at math than that, but lets it go) Oh honey! Not every single night for 10 years! That is the age range for puberty. *stifles all the other things Not appropriate to be said to the grandson right now*
Grandboy: *slightly mollified* Okay
Me: *chipper tone* And THAT is why it's good to be a Girl!
Grandboy: *laughs* I don't want what you guys have! I'd rather have wet dreams than what you have for the rest of your life once you have puberty.
Me: *testing* And what is that?
Grandboy: You have periods! *superior laughter*
Me: And that's why it's good that we are different. You're happy with what you've got and I am happy with what I've got. *smile*

*Miscellaneous conversation meandering to other things while we wait for the doctor*

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