pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project, Part II

I got to meet Penda!! Woot! And her husband Doug! She is, as everyone says, even more gorgeous than the pics! And hey people! She is taller, too. And she's surprised that she is thought of as shorter. I told her it's 'cause of the cute poses she does for photos. It was a good visit, that went by too fast, and they're now driving home. I think their own bed will feel sssoooooo good after the long trip.

We talked and laughed and it was good. Next time we get to talk witchy! Bwaahahahahahaha! Doug was really nice, and friendly, and kept Dave entertained. Penda is a sweetie, for all her fire, what a pleasure to be around. :-)
Tags: gratitude_project05
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